An Interview at The Short Form

I should have mentioned this earlier. The good people at The Short Form were kind enough to invite me to yammer a bit about writing and empathy and the various other things you’d expect, plus I hope some that you would not, like this:

Well it depends which types of “progress” you’re suggesting. I am not anti- modern fuel economy in automobiles, or modern advancements for homosexual couples in the United States to marry, or modern developments for drought-resistant crops, not even slightly. What I am anti, and vehemently so, are the historically ugly behaviors that the modern economy has found ways to congratulate and endorse. Like performing, posturing, and the basic denial that other people’s eyes and brains and chests and genitals function in a way totally differently than your own, and that therefore nothing is simple, or easy, or clean.

There’s also this picture to consider, which is great because I’m wearing my Uprise cap and it’s part of the drawing. Interview to be found here. And poke around while you’re there…place is full of great.


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