The Day Itself. Today. Goodness.

Do you still have a job? I hope you do. Tough times, these. Tough enough to drive men and women to the bottle, pills, or even, to read. To read a book.

Today, I am outrageously pleased to say that my debut novel, The Slide, has arrived in stores across the country and on the internet. I invite you to take a moment to check out the reviews I’ve collected on the site, click the links, watch the trailer, take as much time as you need.

And do you know how affordable the book is? With a $13 sticker price, about the cost of a movie in Manhattan, or an exotic foot massage outside of Columbia, MO. Priced for the global economic downturn. And do you know what else? Thank you for coming. If you’ve already bought a copy, thank you for your support. Even if you haven’t bought the book, will never buy the book, thank you too. Today I thank everyone.

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