Standing, Booing

In explanation but not exactly defense of this, which I just had handed to me and have no clue of its origin, though I’ll just bet it’s a Cub fan…

Mark McGwire got a standing ovation at the Cardinals’ fan convention. In the wake of calling out McGwire and other juicers as liars, cheaters and phonies, Jack Clark was booed. As you can see, Cardinals fans check their brains at the door.

…I will add that: Jack Clark made the single gravest error in Cardinal fandom which is talk shit about another Cardinal (two, really, since he goes after Tony, too), something that is not ever ever done without grave unrest. See: La Russa basically has no comment on Ozzie Smith, and wisely so. See likewise: Ozzie is widely regarded as the villain of that situation, essentially because he was vocal in his criticism of the way Tony handled the end of Ozzie’s career, which to be fair Tony did sort of shit the shortstop bed there with Royce Clayton and maybe hadn’t by that point quite learned the fundamental rule in discussion, here. See finally, though: how Ozzie seems to have recently moved on from the subject, and wisely so.

UPDATE: The Post-Dispatch’s Bryan Burwell gives fans a stern talking to and receives a gabillion comments, many of them testy.

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