Slay the heart of the earth

I admit resisting when Chris Bower suggested I come hear his friends’ band. I have no excuse beyond I was…busy? Or more, doubted the merit of a band I knew to wear costumes? This was in 2004, I think. And sometime soon after, another Chris (Shea) said to me, listen to this song right now. On the computer. And I did and it was “Murdered at the Bar” from the stellar The Grinning Corpse Who Went to Town, and that was the death of my resistance.

The Bitter Tears, geniuses, have released a second album called Jam Tarts in the Jakehouse, and it is perhaps even stellarER than their first. Tomorrow night, at Chicago’s The Hideout, they will play an album release show. Their shows are carnival lovefests of spinning wonder and manic terror. I could not possibly recommend it more.

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