Apology for Idling

I’ve a couple promising readings lined up this month. The first aligns me yet again with a featherproofy bunch of good people, including Brian Costello himself, who’ll be hosting his Second City, Third Person reading on Saturday September 12 at The Book Cellar. I’ll read a new short story. Completing the four-cornered ass kick word robot attack robot killing machine are Zach Dodson / Plague and Alexis Thomas. The night starts at 7:00 and it will slay.

Then, on September 21, I’m stupidly honored to be reading from The Slide at Iowa City’s Prairie Lights Books. It will be available to hear live on the webternet.

To celebrate these, here is Robert Louis Stevenson — who cited his major influences as Montaigne, Goethe, and the New Testament — on how one’s treatment of failures (one’s own) changes upon marriage:

A thousand things unpleasing went on in the chiaroscuro of a life that you shrank from too particularly realizing; you did not care, in those days, to make a fetish of your conscience; you would recognize your failures with a nod, and so, good day. But the time for these reserves is over. You have willfully introduced a witness into your life, the scene of these defeats, and can no longer close the mind’s eye upon uncomely passages, but must stand up straight and put a name on your actions.

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