I Have Been Thinking About Albert Pujols Frequently and With Vigor

A calculated risk: allow the man to go to free agency on the logic that there’s little chance he’ll be seen next year as worth somehow¬†more than he is currently. He could suffer from the pressure and see his average fall, or he’ll boot some grounders in the field, but the latter seems only slightly more likely than the former, and neither will will happen. His elbow could sit him eight or nine games and raise vague but nagging concerns, little voicelets in the ears of the moneymen. Birds swarm over his head and confuse him, and they’re birds only he can see, so those among us who aren’t true believers begin to wonder if he’s actually been crazy, and indeed it happens before our eyes, his beard growing long and feral.¬†Finally it could be a different year financially. I have no idea who other free agents there’ll be. But perhaps they’ll command smaller figures than Werth and Howard and Crawford. Gonzalez is a factor, I guess.

I think about Albert Pujols in the morning and sometimes late at night. Bower says, “nothing will be done, only speculation / by a lot of idiots / myself included(.)” Then he’ll end up right where he is.

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