Hell Yeah, Texas

Big big trip this weekend down to Austin for this year’s massive edition of the Texas Book Festival. I’m dumb honored to be included, and excited for a whopping three events on Saturday. First is an 11:30 panel discussion, “Writing in the Shadows” with Dan Chaon, Scott Blackwood, and personal buddy, Amelia Gray. We will drop dimes.

Then at 2:30 I will slay the shit out of Amelia*, Jeff Martin, and Owen Egerton at a TBF version of the world famous Opium Magazine Literary Death Match. The judging panel is Pulitzered there and back again, so it should be a doozy. And it’s in a church. Goodness.

Then finally later that night I’m stoked to close the day with Five Things, famous in Austin and beyond. Great folks there as well (who I won’t link to because I’m becoming tired), including White Person himself, Christian Lander.

Re: a costume, I’ll probably go as a slutty author. Slutty vampire nurse debut author Midwestern slut. Pirate.

*Not a chance. In fact, I will bleed.

6 Responses to “Hell Yeah, Texas”

  1. jensen says:

    good luck in the Death Match! Slay hard.

  2. kyle says:

    thanks, jensen. i hear we’ll have cordless mics, which means i have no effing clue what to do with my hands.

  3. jensen says:

    you could always make threatening gestures at the readers.

  4. Rob B says:

    Enjoyed your participation in the Writing in the Shadows panel at the Texas Book Festival. I definitely plan to read the Slide in the future. Am I bit dense or was the moderator consistently mispronouncing Dan Chaon’s first name as “Don”?

  5. lac says:

    also loved the panel. thanks so much for coming. and rob, i’m not sure poor dan chaon has ever heard his name pronounced the same way twice.

  6. kyle says:

    it was indeed a hell of a panel, Dan / Don / Doun pronunciations notwithstanding. thank you both for coming to visit the site, and i’m glad to hear you enjoyed the discussion. Austin…what a town. i can’t get back soon enough…

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