Don’t Hardly Know Her

Never fails. Come to Brooklyn, find myself listening almost exclusively to rap music. Some argument surely about the aesthetics of place and such, especially as it works with the whole El-P library, from old Co Flow bangers up through the recent We Are All Going To Burn In Hell MegaMixxxx 2. And did you know I once wrote to El-P to ask if I could use the chorus from “T.O.J.” as the epigraph for my soon to be released debut novel, The Slide? I did. I wrote and explained how much I admired his work and how the chorus was amazing, and how the Hamlet allusion was genius, and so on and thank you and you’re my hero and cetera. Never heard back.

And but! I have to express my joy upon seeing this, in which Prince adds himself to the distinguished list of those to have covered “Crimson and Clover”. Unsure yet how history will rank his against the original (with its rad aquatic breakdown at 2:22) and Joan Jett’s brutalized powerfest, but he’s Prince. He’s Prince.

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