Collective, Judgmental

Can we agree that if Texas had an iPhone, it would most certainly be an iPhone with a picture of Texas stuck to its back?

Nothing but wonderful things to say after returning from Austin. Many thanks to Odie and Maggie for hosting and providing Lone Star. And of course Amelia and Stacy at Five Things for providing one giant Lone Star and much laughter. Also to the Death Match for the chance to read “Terror, Not Terror” to a packed church and a celebrity judging panel. Here’s American Short Fiction’s take…

Though the Literary Death Match was held in a church, the crowd seemed open to violence from [ASF contributor] Amelia Gray, sexual innuendoes from Richard Russo, and detailed sexual fantasies from [ASF editorial advisory board member] Owen Egerton. However, tales of Maddox Jolie-Pitt’s decapitation crossed the line, eliciting a collective and judgmental ‘whoa’ from the audience.” —Stacey Swann, ASF contributing editor

Fine. That’s fine. Doubtless, Amelia Gray deserved the victory, for she slaughtered. Overall just a stellar experience on every level, and I’m pleased as shit to’ve met everyone I did. Thank you to those who attended panels, thanks to everyone on the panels. High fives to  Amanda Little (her book is surely required reading today), James McManus, and about a thousand others.

Austin. Man oh man oh man…

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    yeah, wrong post

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    We were glad to have you, Kyle. Come back soon.

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