A New Home Page, Here.

Ah, yes. Two thousand and nine.

And just look! This facelift I’ve been talking about since last year. You’ll notice an array of shapes and colors that Anders Nilsen drew for the cover art of The Slide. Please do not be afraid of the shapes and colors. Nor should you fear the additional content floating about, all of these places to click, things to see. Remember what the man said about CHANGE, and how what the world needs now is yes we can.

Today I resolve the following: I am going to update this place frequently. I am going to update it so frequently your head will spin completely off of your shoulders. Truly, I will update it all the damn time. I will. I’ll share news about the novel and reviews and the like, reading dates, photographs and videos, and other things. I will write down thoughts and cut them and paste them into the box and click save, and they’ll appear here. I’m serious about this.

Many many thanks to Benjamin Shepard for the design work and impeccable sense of timing. And thank you to you, also, for visiting. Welcome. Stay as long as you like, and please come back again soon.

Happy new year.

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  1. benjamin says:

    The site looks rad. Nice working with you. Anders’ illustrations where great to work with. On time for ’09.

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