If you’re a person who wonders why I don’t have any books finished or even forthcoming, technically, one reason is that I have been skating more than writing, and teaching full time now at Roosevelt University’s MFA program. I’ve somehow not mentioned this yet. I’ve been there since August. When I skate all summer I get footage of proximal bros and then I get a little more more recently, and then I messily compile it by trial and error. Here is “Tall Down There,” what I will call a short film. A short film.

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  1. Terrence Krehbiel says:

    Kyle, was in short short weekend class in IC last summer. wrote little skeevy piece about getting with dead wife’s laundry in the basement. Weird description now that I see it. Had a lot of fun when Nick Dybek heard you had talked about pissing on work from second story window, and he swore you stole that from him. He was quite animated about it. cracked me up anyway.

    I’m writing because you are a Chicago guy, and if you haven’t seen the Neo-Futurists, you have to. They have an experimental show late weekend nights called To Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. I’m sure I’m the last with the news on this, but saw them in Normal at Il. H.S. Theater Festival and thought of you. Great writing; great performance art. Check them out.

    I’ll look for you in IC if it’s the right week. Take care. Terry.

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