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Beachy’s coming-of-age debut about a clueless, jobless, self-pitying college grad is at once hilarious, strange and uncomfortable. After graduating, Potter Mays returns to his parents’ home, where, unable to decide whether he really loves his girlfriend, Audrey—who is spending three weeks backpacking through Europe with her bisexual best friend—he retains the services of his childhood friend, Stuart, who makes his living as an independent thought contractor. Potter pieces together memories of his troubled romance, such as his and Audrey’s past indiscretions, her family’s disregard for him and his lust for Audrey’s best friend. As the summer progresses and Potter remains oblivious to even his parents’ obviously damaged marriage, he makes an unfortunate and extremely ridiculous series of mistakes in his quest to prove his love. Beachy’s characters, infinitely fallible, are real and fleshy, and their loneliness is palpable. Potter’s total lack of discipline and common sense are as funny as they are frustrating, and he is lovable even when he’s annoying. (Jan.)

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