The new issue, which is the third issue, of Ghost Ocean Magazine features an interview I did face-to-face with Marynia Kolak, a very kind and insightful reader from Roosevelt University‘s graduate writing program. You’ll know it’s live, rather than over email, by the many elipses and near-ramblings.

Also recently, Greg Carlisle, author of the tremendously helpful Elegant Complexity, has written the following generous words about The Slide, which I can only imagine were designed as a kind of Christmas eve present to me, delivered via the David Foster Wallace listserv:

The slide is a great novel. It’s wonderfully and uniquely descriptive on every page…The characters’ voices are perfect…Beachy is like one of DFW’s rebels from the TV article who is unafraid to get at the uncomfortable, vulnerable truth underneath the surface. I love this book, and I look forward to the next one.

Flattered as hell and grateful as always. Happy new year, folks.

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