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February 26th, 2012

I realize how terrible I’ve been with my official website. I go and tweet and tumbl and what-the-hell-ever else, but leave this place, my home, untended and sad. I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry.

In the meantime, two new essays are up The Classical.  The first, ”A Chronicle of Doing It: Nike and Destruction,” explores the way Nike has gotten to where they currently are in skateboarding. Seems to me there’s something to be learned, there. Though I’m open to suggestions regarding exactly what that is, exactly.

The second is roughly half of an essay called “The Deap Seams: A Search for Fun in David Foster Wallace’s Peoria,” which appears in the first, beautiful, massive issue of The Chicagoan. You really wouldn’t believe the way people are crawling all over one another for this issue in Chicago right now. It’s like Furbies or something. But look, here is the link the excerpt, which many thanks to Pete Beatty at The Classical for working with me to get this thing up there.

Thanks, folks. More to share very soon…


December 10th, 2011

My first piece for The Classical went up this week, so a thank you to them for having me along for their big smart sportswriting party. The essay is about what Nyjah Huston might possibly mean to the world(s) of skateboarding, and how that meaning is mitigated by the brutality of his performance, here, and the way the video of his performance was edited, marketed, and released. And perhaps why watching it over and over again isn’t the best thing for a skateboarder. And more…You’re Not Me: Nyjah Huston and Inflationary Spectacle.

I also published a Point at The Point.

November 10th, 2011

If you’re a person who wonders why I don’t have any books finished or even forthcoming, technically, one reason is that I have been skating more than writing, and teaching full time now at Roosevelt University’s MFA program. I’ve somehow not mentioned this yet. I’ve been there since August. When I skate all summer I get footage of proximal bros and then I get a little more more recently, and then I messily compile it by trial and error. Here is “Tall Down There,” what I will call a short film. A short film.

Lula Reading, Big Questions

August 24th, 2011

This coming Tuesday, Anders Nilsen, the man behind, among so much else, the van overhead and all other images on the covers of The Slide, will present a “book release slide show art show multi-media reading event and food tasting” at Lula Cafe in Logan Square. John Porcellino will read, I will read, others may read too, and Zak Sally, who used to play bass for Low and probably gets tired of, I’m only guessing here, being referred to as a guy who used to play bass for Low, will be there to play bass and probably share his own comics. Things begin at 7:00 at the cafe where everyone waits for brunch, looking goooooood. Here is a Facebook page for the event. Hope to see you…

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