Quickies This Week

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

I’m reading at this Tuesday’s Quickies! in Chicago, if you’re here. Four minutes each, a bunch of good fun people sitting and standing inside what still counts as my favorite bar in the city. Come on.

Sleep is playing the neighborhood auditorium tonight, so they’re out in force, roaming the streets. Meanwhile across the street there’s a cop car parked facing the wrong way, it’s a one way street and this cop car’s doing nothing right. Total disregard. I got sausage on the table and a real sharp knife. Crackers, too.

November December

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

I’ve got a few events upcoming. Starting Wednesday this (Nov. 11), with a round table discussion at the Sullivan Gallery of SAIC (33 S. State St.) running from 4:30 until 6:00.

Then on Sunday, November 15, I’ll join Patrick Somerville, Mary Hamilton, Lindsay Hunter and Laura Pearson for a special Knee Jerk collabo at the Orange Alert Reading Series. That’s 6:00 on a Sunday at The Whistler in Logan Square, surely the neighborhood’s favorite gently-lit music and cocktail venue.

And finally December 1 finds me reading from the novel in progress at The Green Lantern Gallery for their Parlor Reading Series. Which’ll be recorded and podcasted, but it’s a huge room so come if you can, come and bring all you can — friends, strangers, dolls…anything to fill up that room.

Captain Booyah

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

And so, the Beauty and the Beast episodes of Epicly Later’d come to an end, the SAIC school year comes to a start. I’ve completely forgotten how to ride a skateboard but remembered how to ride my bike. Call it a draw.

But! Happy to share my participation in two very different but coincidentally great goings on. First is the Texas Book Festival, where my little name finds itself (quiet and big-eyed) among an outrageous list of known important impressive names. It’s going to be an Austin Halloween, which means Odie and Maggie and Lefty and June, greatest hosts alive. Plus Lone Stars and river walks and Merle Haggard and saying hello to Amelia Gray and food great food and pillow drool and morning Tylenol and hopefully nothing too terribly foolish.

Second news is Featherproof Book’s Triple Quick iPhone app, which everyone alive seems to be talking about (both in the real world and on the internet), will feature my 333 word story, “Rivalry”, when it debuts this fall. I’ve been happy to call Jonathan and Zach buddies ever since they published “So Little Impression” back in…2006? So point is, if you have an iPhone, which surely you do because you’re no fool (I’m a fool), purchase the app when it HATCHES very soon.

Apology for Idling

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

I’ve a couple promising readings lined up this month. The first aligns me yet again with a featherproofy bunch of good people, including Brian Costello himself, who’ll be hosting his Second City, Third Person reading on Saturday September 12 at The Book Cellar. I’ll read a new short story. Completing the four-cornered ass kick word robot attack robot killing machine are Zach Dodson / Plague and Alexis Thomas. The night starts at 7:00 and it will slay.

Then, on September 21, I’m stupidly honored to be reading from The Slide at Iowa City’s Prairie Lights Books. It will be available to hear live on the webternet.

To celebrate these, here is Robert Louis Stevenson — who cited his major influences as Montaigne, Goethe, and the New Testament — on how one’s treatment of failures (one’s own) changes upon marriage:

A thousand things unpleasing went on in the chiaroscuro of a life that you shrank from too particularly realizing; you did not care, in those days, to make a fetish of your conscience; you would recognize your failures with a nod, and so, good day. But the time for these reserves is over. You have willfully introduced a witness into your life, the scene of these defeats, and can no longer close the mind’s eye upon uncomely passages, but must stand up straight and put a name on your actions.