Big Hair, Long Talk

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Happy to share and interview I conducted last week with the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, available right here for you to enjoy, or download, or ignore completely, as per your own personal druthers. We met at the Intelligentsia in Lakeview, a kind of epicenter of something or other, it always feels like, and talked writing, skateboarding, and a thing or two about the continuum of mind-fuckery that is publishing a novel.

New Work: Podcast and Video

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

I mean sorry! Sorry! Been working, busy writing and teaching and traveling and being as complete and whole a person I can manage. Leaves holes in the blog though, don’t it?

Here’s something: a recording from last week’s reading (mine) at the Parlor Reading Series, there in the Busch and pretzeled home of Green Lantern Press. Many thanks to all who came and heard me read for thirty minutes from my novel in progress, especially the skateboarders who don’t normally frequent readings. It was a rad night, totally and completely satisfying. The podcast itself can be found right stinking here.

And for those of you with eyes, here’s a video of the flashback section of the reading (that’s a Busch burp there at 0:33, if you’re curious).

Live On Air, Die On Air

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

A recording for you in the digital format that is just all the freaking rage these days, the glorious EM-PEE-THREE. Click here to either download or just hear my interview with KDHX last night. Show starts right around 3:50, or roughly one centimeter in from the left, then there’s some madness getting me on the phone line, then it’s basically rock and roll (pleasant conversation) from 5:40 onward…

Sometimes they let me speak

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

My conversation with Donna Seaman that aired on Chicago Public Radio’s “Eight-Forty-Eight” morning program can be streamed right here.

And the Bantam Dell site has posted two podcasts of mine (#s 109 & 110), both of which can also be downloaded to your DIGITAL MUSIC DEVICE OF CHOICE (right). You can then jog or pump iron or whatever to my strangely low voice, a voice I don’t recognize completely, an I’ll bet common but still alienating phenomenon.