Quickies This Week

I’m reading at this Tuesday’s Quickies! in Chicago, if you’re here. Four minutes each, a bunch of good fun people sitting and standing inside what still counts as my favorite bar in the city. Come on.

Sleep is playing the neighborhood auditorium tonight, so they’re out in force, roaming the streets. Meanwhile across the street there’s a cop car parked facing the wrong way, it’s a one way street and this cop car’s doing nothing right. Total disregard. I got sausage on the table and a real sharp knife. Crackers, too.

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  1. Steve Seliger says:


    I couldn’t find your email address in all of this so I am trying this. I see that you will be teaching novel writing this winter at the Gleacher Center. Will your class be about the same as it was last year? I haven’t done hardly anything with my writing since last winter and am ambivalent about the subject matter. One of the reasons I haven’t done any writing is because I have been busy with my law practice. Now, though, I am about to cut way down on law work and have a lot more time (to kill). Do you think it would be worthwhile to take your course? Having been working on this autobiographical writing project and having taken so many writing courses, I am feel like I am a dilletant (sp.). I am perhaps interested in doing more new writing, perhaps on the same subject matter, rather than cleaning up what I have. I would appreciate your thoughts.


  2. kyle says:

    Hey Steve,
    Nice to hear from you. Here’s the course I’m teaching in the Winter quarter at U of C. The focus this time around is on scene, and we’re going to run it like a straight workshop — meaning it won’t be the best opportunity to create new work (unfortunately, last Fall’s class was all about generating new writing). But here’s the schedule, should any of the other open classes appeal to you…


    And if you’d like to talk further (which I’m happy to do), try me at kyle@kylebeachy.com


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