November December

I’ve got a few events upcoming. Starting Wednesday this (Nov. 11), with a round table discussion at the Sullivan Gallery of SAIC (33 S. State St.) running from 4:30 until 6:00.

Then on Sunday, November 15, I’ll join Patrick Somerville, Mary Hamilton, Lindsay Hunter and Laura Pearson for a special Knee Jerk collabo at the Orange Alert Reading Series. That’s 6:00 on a Sunday at The Whistler in Logan Square, surely the neighborhood’s favorite gently-lit music and cocktail venue.

And finally December 1 finds me reading from the novel in progress at The Green Lantern Gallery for their Parlor Reading Series. Which’ll be recorded and podcasted, but it’s a huge room so come if you can, come and bring all you can — friends, strangers, dolls…anything to fill up that room.

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