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Five Chapters

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

It’s turned hot in Chicago. The dog, she pants and rests magnanimously on her side, splayed. But that is not all, currently. There’s also a story of mine that’s been running this past week with one small piece at a time at the truly stacked Five Chapters website. Many thanks to David Daley  for accepting the story into the site’s ranks. I am indeed grateful and stoked in equal measures.

Here is is as one long unit: “Within the Cathedral, an Echo.”

The story will also show up in Hair Lit Vol. 1, a print collection from Orange Alert Press this August. Thanks, too, to Nick Ostdick for the inclusion and catalyst for the story.

Short Story Twofer

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Two stories of mine appeared in print recently. The first, “Untoward,” occupies a few pages of Another Chicago Magazine‘s second of their Issue #50s, Volume 2 of the two-volume series of all-Chicago authors. The second is called “Lithium Tetrachloroaluminate and Other Servants of God’s Will,” in Knee-Jerk Offline Vol.2. The purpose of this blog post is: practical and informative and promotional.

Chronicles, Depth

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

I realize how terrible I’ve been with my official website. I go and tweet and tumbl and what-the-hell-ever else, but leave this place, my home, untended and sad. I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry.

In the meantime, two new essays are up The Classical.  The first, ”A Chronicle of Doing It: Nike and Destruction,” explores the way Nike has gotten to where they currently are in skateboarding. Seems to me there’s something to be learned, there. Though I’m open to suggestions regarding exactly what that is, exactly.

The second is roughly half of an essay called “The Deap Seams: A Search for Fun in David Foster Wallace’s Peoria,” which appears in the first, beautiful, massive issue of The Chicagoan. You really wouldn’t believe the way people are crawling all over one another for this issue in Chicago right now. It’s like Furbies or something. But look, here is the link the excerpt, which many thanks to Pete Beatty at The Classical for working with me to get this thing up there.

Thanks, folks. More to share very soon…