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Klausen: A Little Book.

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

As a younger man, writing music reviews nearly ruined my experience as a listener. Part of this was immaturity and a (kind of now) embarrassing need to prove and steadily remind any readers just how enlightened I was, spotting and enumerating an album’s flaws in language I considered very, very witty, often for its meanness. The whole thing was fairly ugly, looking back.

So far this hasn’t happened with books and book reviews. So far reading remains an act of appreciation rather than destruction. My review of Andreas Maier’s novel, Klausen, is up at Look / Listen.

Quickies This Week

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

I’m reading at this Tuesday’s Quickies! in Chicago, if you’re here. Four minutes each, a bunch of good fun people sitting and standing inside what still counts as my favorite bar in the city. Come on.

Sleep is playing the neighborhood auditorium tonight, so they’re out in force, roaming the streets. Meanwhile across the street there’s a cop car parked facing the wrong way, it’s a one way street and this cop car’s doing nothing right. Total disregard. I got sausage on the table and a real sharp knife. Crackers, too.