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The Death of a Slide

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

I have turned on the fireplace this morning and sat myself down to read. I have no coffee because I managed to break the coffee maker. Between me and the fire is the dog on her side, legs and face twitching as she dreams of I can only imagine. Soon we’ll walk and I’ll buy coffee from our new and VERY BRIGHT neighborhood coffee house. Along the way I will mourn the sad fact that I never managed to skate at Wet Willy’s, the old abandoned water slide park south and west of St. Louis. Yesterday, Deaf Skateboards reported that the park is no longer. First the Fat Boys break up, and now this…

Geti King

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Music! This one from a friend who happens to be the greatest rapper alive, taken from Red Hot’s unanimously good Dark Was The Night compilation. Why, if it ain’t Serengeti and Sufjan and Buck 65…

Bittersweet Peach

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette offers their review, if only to subscribers:

The Slide is the funny, haunting and tense coming-of-age story of Potter Mays…and it is quite a stunner. Sort of like a less loquacious David Foster Wallace, or a less self-conscious Brett Easton Ellis…Beachy is an astute, empathic observer. [He] has filled The Slide with wry observations and moments of great tension.

Barneys, Nobility

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

At 5:30 tomorrow evening I will stand somewhere inside the Barnes and Noble at the corner of State and Jackson in downtown Chicago, and I will read. The Chicago Reader already knows as much. Will…there…be…a Starbucks there? I presume yes there will. Also, I have offered my current students a tiny little bit of extra credit if they show up. So if you see them, be sure to ask how DeLillo’s uses of “aura” in WN differ from Benjamin’s, and have them provide four examples NOT including the barn scene. Then order a latte.