Catching Incrementally Up

June 18th, 2013

It took a radio interview for me to update the place, clean up some cobwebs. Apologies for absence, and I’m happy to share the following updates.

Some stories! Short ones. First, at Juked, a short story called “Allegory,” which got a nice longlist nod for this year’s Wigleaf Top 50. Here too is “Flicker,” one of a batch of Monkeybicycle one-sentence stories.

Some essays! I have been lucky to find opportunities to write about skateboarding. First is “A Very Large Puzzle,” which looks at Andrew Reynolds and adulthood. Next is “Making Up Legends in the Era of Zero-Budget Skateboarding,” about independent skate video productions and the local communities from which they spring. Also, I have another Point at The Point, specifically “Point 82.”

Finally, a big heaping thanks to John Busbee, host of The Culture Buzz on KFMG 99.1 FM. I enjoyed our chat very much.

An Interview at The Short Form

June 18th, 2013

I should have mentioned this earlier. The good people at The Short Form were kind enough to invite me to yammer a bit about writing and empathy and the various other things you’d expect, plus I hope some that you would not, like this:

Well it depends which types of “progress” you’re suggesting. I am not anti- modern fuel economy in automobiles, or modern advancements for homosexual couples in the United States to marry, or modern developments for drought-resistant crops, not even slightly. What I am anti, and vehemently so, are the historically ugly behaviors that the modern economy has found ways to congratulate and endorse. Like performing, posturing, and the basic denial that other people’s eyes and brains and chests and genitals function in a way totally differently than your own, and that therefore nothing is simple, or easy, or clean.

There’s also this picture to consider, which is great because I’m wearing my Uprise cap and it’s part of the drawing. Interview to be found here. And poke around while you’re there…place is full of great.


Five Chapters

May 19th, 2012

It’s turned hot in Chicago. The dog, she pants and rests magnanimously on her side, splayed. But that is not all, currently. There’s also a story of mine that’s been running this past week with one small piece at a time at the truly stacked Five Chapters website. Many thanks to David Daley  for accepting the story into the site’s ranks. I am indeed grateful and stoked in equal measures.

Here is is as one long unit: “Within the Cathedral, an Echo.”

The story will also show up in Hair Lit Vol. 1, a print collection from Orange Alert Press this August. Thanks, too, to Nick Ostdick for the inclusion and catalyst for the story.

Short Story Twofer

May 14th, 2012

Two stories of mine appeared in print recently. The first, “Untoward,” occupies a few pages of Another Chicago Magazine‘s second of their Issue #50s, Volume 2 of the two-volume series of all-Chicago authors. The second is called “Lithium Tetrachloroaluminate and Other Servants of God’s Will,” in Knee-Jerk Offline Vol.2. The purpose of this blog post is: practical and informative and promotional.

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